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Nov 11, 2009

Pepero Day

Pepero Day is a ‘holiday’ in Korea, one which started only in the past decade or so. Pepero is a long, thin, chocolate cookie which is covered in chocolate (sometimes nuts, sprinkles, etc.). The ones from bakeries look really delicious...

...but the ones from stores which come in boxes aren’t as nice, and really just look like a long and thin Milano cookie sans the mint.

The holiday is celebrated on 11/11 because a Pepero looks like the #1. That’s it, people eat and give each other Pepro. That... is it. What a ridiculous holiday with no history, no true story behind it and just a consumer holiday in which half of the Pepero sold all year is done so in the month of November.

Here’s what my desk looked like yesterday at work from all the Pepero I got.

Students were hyper as hell yesterday for my afternoon classes (sugar rush) and in my night classes the kids were tired and complaining they were hungry (crash from eating too much sugar). This holiday is lacking an imaginary character, emotion, decorations, cards and everything else WE put into our consumer holidays. Step it up Korea.



hey dude this is cheol
i'm gonna visit Dongincheon station
this sunday for make article with my one usa friend.
so if you want to join let me know
k? maybe next weekend go there again for guide someone :p
oh here is my number 01085839369

Sorcerer said...

wowwie..thats cool chocolate bars..looks really good!

Ben Gwynne said...

Thanks sorcerer, hope u keep reading

Ben Gwynne said...

Cheol, I'm going to respond to your email soon. Sorry for the delay.

Cait_Sith said...

My stomach hurts because of this..*&^%$$^ pepero...I still have plenty of them, but dunno how to get rid of this stuff....(>_<)...I also have a blog www.junglelifeinkorea.blogspot.com

Ben Gwynne said...

I just regifted it back to the students, they didn't mind. I'll check out your blog. Thanks!