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Aug 3, 2010

What Is A Love Motel?

I already told you about DVD Bangs, those are basically places where (generally) younger couples go for a little action, and people like me go to watch a movie and drink beers before I go out. DVD Bangs are amateur hour, Love Motels are where it’s at.

Love Motels are for couples that live at home still but actually have money, cheating husbands, and foreigners who go to another city for a weekend then meet someone at a bar and need a private place to sleep instead of the one they are sharing with friends. Love Motels are ALL over Korea. Even in my small town there’s a bunch of them.

Watch the video for more….

It’s safe for work by the way….

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Anonymous said...

looks like you were about to show a mirror with your reflection before you cut the clip. deny it.

Anonymous said...

where is the love motel you showed where you were actually in the room? I love that bathtub.

Ben said...

Jelly Hotel, here's a link to the address


Ben said...

oh yeah, for Anonymous #1, I deny it!

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Cindy Dy said...

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