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Jun 16, 2010

What is a "Couple T?"

It didn’t take long for me to walk around Seoul my first weekend here and notice couples wearing the exact same shirt, or a shirt which looked like it was made for one person, cut in half, and sewn to make two shirts.

These are known as “couple t’s.” No surprise, couples wear them to show their affection for one another. It’s common to see people walking around them on random days, but if you go to a place like an amusement park, they are going to be out in full force. I’m not sure if it’s to make it easier to find someone, or, to show off to the other people/couples there that you two are serious. Here’s some more couple t’s...

People can also go the “couple jacket” route like you see below.

Or, you can go the couple OUTFIT route, where everything is the same.

They make some…inappropriate ones too….

There’s couple t stores which sell other stupid items like couple themed key chains, coffee mugs, etc. incase wearing a ridiculous t-shirt wasn’t enough. It’s pretty funny to see in person. I thought about getting it for some people as a wedding gift as a joke, but I passed.

Just a funny thing I noticed which is popular over here. That’s all.

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AgentS said...

My personal favorite are the group of boys walking together and one of them has a shirt that says "he is my bitch/boyfriend" with an arrow pointed at another guy. I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with being gay, or being open about it, but...

Ben Gwynne said...

Ha, I haven't seen that one, wish I did. I have seen a lot of ridiculous non-couple t-shirt's as well too. yesterday a 10 year old girl was wearing a shirt which said "I like it dirty" and on the back was a picture of a martini glasss. Obviously she didn't get it

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Couples T, or Couples Outfits. I wish it was common here in the US... haha. I find it cute.^^ Guys here probably wouldn't like couple shirts though, it'd be a bit odd to most.. *sigh* Oh well... ^_^
I don't have a boyfriend anyhow so, yeah. lol

Anonymous said...

Start the trend anonymous! Men can be coerced into doing anything for women, don't underestimate your powers over us.

- bg

Anonymous said...

Annyŏnghaseyo Ben..
I really loved to read these facts about Korea & Koreans(especially about the couple T outfits). I am also interested in learning Korean language.Post some related videos about mostly used Korean phrases. Thank You.

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