I Live In Korea

My name is Ben Gwynne. I USED to teach English in Incheon, South Korea. Here's some photos, stories, videos, etc.

Confession, I haven’t watched a soccer game since the 2002 World Cup, ironically, that was the year South Korea hosted the World Cup. The atmosphere in South Korea back then was insane, here’s a picture of what the City Hall area looked like in 2002 as well as a picture of the stadium they built for the event.

How would this time compare in 2010? Well, probably nowhere nearly as popular/raucous, but since they show the games in public outside on huge televisions, I couldn’t help but check out the City Hall area in Gwanghwamun . Here’s some great clips of various things happening last Saturday night when they played Greece. Pre-game, during the game after a goal, post game celebration, and chaos on the streets. Make sure the sound is up. There’s fireworks, screaming, thunder sticks, musical instruments, etc.

There was also TONS of gear on sale. I picked up a soccer jersey(not worn here), bandana, soccer scarf, and these two amazing buttons.

Yes, I swear, that nice family DID want to take pictures with us.

AMAZING experience, and again, since drinking in public is legal, it made it all the more fun. Oh, and it was raining too. I was worried during the day that might kill the atmosphere or make less people come, but the rain actually made it more intense. Great night!

Next game is on Thursday, probably just watch it at a bar with my coworkers. Hopefully I behave myself in front of them.