I Live In Korea

My name is Ben Gwynne. I USED to teach English in Incheon, South Korea. Here's some photos, stories, videos, etc.

1 - take a 12 year old student
2 - have them copy and paste information about their country from the internet
3 - have the student edit the document on their own in Korean
4 - copy and paste that to a free translation website
5 - shorten the entry on your own and write it in your diary even though you are unsure what the translation says
6 - submit as your own work

* Be sure to not leave the actual print out of the document you copied from the internet inside your diary for your teacher to see. He could bring attention to it down the road.

That's what one of my students did. She's pretty smart too, one of the better ones in her class, but she got caught red handed on this one by leaving the evidence there for me to see. What a rookie mistake. I hope all the free translations we used in high school weren't this bad.......

"How Do You do I 000 and introduce Korea

Speech it will give the traditional culture of Korea first.

Traditionally culture of Korea shedding of blood, intangibility, being become known well from the place shedding of blood culture property which B comes to cause to defecate a lot at human being culture property in the stone cave cancer the shoes at the time of the light virtue king it was designed with the world-wide cultural heritage to come to come and Korean characteristics it is proud, it did.

The intangibale cultural assest has the traditional musical instruments of Korea and plays the Korean traditional percussion quarter which with representative it holds.

And the person who posses the intangible cultural asset which is a human being culture property it is an end which reaches.

In afterwords Korea – against at week speech it will give.

The first cloth. The Korean clothes beautiful clothing 1 comfort it is pulled out, America of the bedspread curve which it does but saved and grade of tradition oh it is famous with one color.

Second food. “Korea” it will do and there is not a possibility which it will leave out and “there is a Kimchi.” The method which makes it pickles the Chinese cabbage in the salt and it bites and to draw out the different dressing materials it puts in it is mixed together and and and in the powdered red pepper and and.

Third house. In order for the tile-roofed house in order to come to match naturally, controls the curve of the flag and softly and entirely the sun not to be the branch naturally, it did the environment construction which hits.

It will finish the explanation against Korea at above. It listens to until now and it gives. from Thank You."



Chris in South Korea said...

LOLOL. Sounds like she'd be perfect in a position like 'sign maker', 'tourism brochure writer', or something of that ilk.

Ben Gwynne said...

Yeah, it's definitely one of the worst things I've seen so far. I don't think I've ever seen anyone use the word defecate in a sentence, let alone using it in the same one as bloodshed...TWICE!


That's wonderful. LOL.



Ben Gwynne said...

thanks..i checked your blog out, good stuff zombies