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My name is Ben Gwynne. I USED to teach English in Incheon, South Korea. Here's some photos, stories, videos, etc.

I haven't been short of anything to write about, just really busy lately. Next week I'll be starting off a solid stretch of weeks with 3 posts for sure.

Check out this eye chart which was found in a English text book over at a school in Korea. Look at the acronyms and tell me if you find anything fishy.

Spot anything? Well, for you newbs (people who don’t know much about something) to internet slang, I’ll break down everything in the eye chart picture from top to bottom…

Line 1&2: OMG – Oh My God

Line 3: W2F – What The F***

Line 4: STFU – Shut The F*** Up

Line 5: PWN3D – This is internet slang for “you got owned.” Usually it’s said by people who play World of Warcraft and such.

Line 6: URAN00B – You are a n00b. Similar, but not the same as “newb.” In this case, the spelling is different, and it means you are not only a fool who knows nothing, but you are somewhat aware of your ignorance and have no plans on trying to escape it.

Line 7: LMAOROTF – Laughing My Ass Off Rolling On The Floor

Pretty embarrassing if you ask me.

You might wonder how something like this happens. Well, a lot of times teachers here are given a lot of responsibility and are held to high standards. This responsibility might involve helping create/proof read a text book that your school is going to publish (hasn’t happened to me yet), or teaching less than 24 hours after arriving even though you have no experience and were given two hours of “training” in an extremely jetlagged/hungover state (this happened to me).

Might never find out who threw that in the text book, but I do think it’s a bit immature…even if I did LOL(laugh out loud) when I saw it.


Chris in South Korea said...

It's a little harsh to say English teachers shouldn't edit textbooks - especially (presumably) because the eyechart was already there. That SPECIFIC editor probably will find it difficult to do more work like it.

That said, the reference is much like half the jokes in an animated movie - they fly right over the heads of the kids but the adults get a kick out of it.

Ben Gwynne said...

yeah, it was going to ber 'what happens when english teachers edit korean text books' but that was long..ill change it...

considering i saw this on digg.com 4 days ago, im wondering if it will get a lot of attention and lead to any (more) criticism from the press/government of english teachers here..we will see

hae young said...

OMG what textbook is it?!!!!!

Ben Gwynne said...

afraid i don't know, if i find out ill let you know

amber said...

i swear they've spelt axe wrong too