I Live In Korea

My name is Ben Gwynne. I USED to teach English in Incheon, South Korea. Here's some photos, stories, videos, etc.

The following are journal entries from my kids that I have to read. When you combine the curiosity of the youth and translating those thoughts into another language you get great results...

On Love

*** “I have a girlfriend, we met 75 days. Now we are broke because she said ‘we meet very long days ago, we’re broke.’ I thought ‘why she broke we?’ So it is a question all day, WHY WHY WHY! Ben teacher do you have a girlfriend, if teacher has a girlfriend please write in teacher’s comments.”
*** “I think having a girlfriend is great because you can know about the girl. But these days, it’s not good. Because we’re not good in love. Love is go wrong. Youth won’t allow have sexual, but some have sexual. It’s not good if girl is pregnancy. We must study hard then you can have a good job and you’ll a success.”
*** “I love my boyfriend, and he thinks the same. But if love the love is not true I no want their company, I want real love”

On Things That Are Important To Them….

*** “My family is important to me because if I don’t have them I will be dead”
*** “I love my friends because I have my best friend. If I don’t have a best friend I will be very angry and then be a bully.”
*** “I love my family and my boyfriend, he is kind to me and I love my boyrfriend”
*** “I love my future children because my parents care of me and I will care of them”

On UFO’s…

*** “UFO is strange. UFO can fly. UFO is fast. UFO is nice. UFO can shot laser. ET’s friends ride UFO. If UFO attack our people die.”
*** “I don’t believe to UFO because it is mistery. I think, our future is a big war and big fight. There is earth people and UFO people. So our soldiers some kill and die and UFO monsters some kill and some die. Our earth is a downfall.
*** “UFO’s, it’s mysterious. I want to take UFO’s. I think why we don’t see UFO’s? Why I don’t see it. I want see it. How is it? I want meet aliens. Aliens are my friends. They’re very cute. Aliens live in UFO but I live in my house.”
*** “I believe UFO’s real. Some people have opinions UFO’s are real. They saw UFO’s. I envy them. I like mystery so I want see a UFO and play with UFO. Maybe the UFO kill me. However, I think they don’t kill me. Maybe they don’t kill me, I think that. UFO’s are kind they didn’t give damage. I love UFO’s!”

Saddest Moments of My Life…

*** “When I go to Jung Chul School because I think it is a prison”

The kid who said this is my favorite student. Every Korean teacher hates him but I love him and see a lot of promise. I feel like George Costanza in the Seinfeld episode with the Van Buren Boys. This kid, Jong Sook, is Steven, the BS artist that wanted to be an architect which George Costanza picked for the first scholarship recipient for his deceased wife’s foundation. ANYWAY…

Finally, here’s a video of my kids the other day in the teachers lounge. I play “Ben Teacher Says” (Simon Says ripoff), and for some reason they were going crazy that day saying “Ben Teacher Says” and make gestures of shooting arrows to kill other students. I love how the students flee like cockroaches with the lights on when the Korean teacher comes into the lounge.

In no way, shape, or form am I making fun of the kids English, I sure as hell didn’t know any foreign languages when I was 11 or 12 years old, I’m simply pointing out funny things I’ve read from them, that’s all.


Maggie said...

that's cute! they definitely have some strong opinions on UFOs...

Ben Gwynne said...

yeah, i can't wait to keep reading these things..they are pretty entertaining

manager said...

oh it's really good idea :o

you can also know the korea culture too

Ben said...

Thanks manager, looking forward to learning more