I Live In Korea

My name is Ben Gwynne. I USED to teach English in Incheon, South Korea. Here's some photos, stories, videos, etc.

Sorry for the delay, I’ll start updating my blog 2-3 times a week soon. Still figuring out this movie editing program. Anyway…

Growing up in Rockaway, it’s a given that I love the beach, but I didn’t realize how much I loved it until this summer. Just about every weekend was spent enjoying the ocean, playing volleyball, and having the occasional cocktail or two. It was what every summer weekend should be.

I was interested to see what the beaches would be like in Korea, so I headed to Busan (2nd biggest city here) to visit a friend of a friend. I don’t know why, but I was surprised to see such a beautiful and clean beach, just a few steps from a major downtown area of the city with crystal clear water to boot.

It was the best of both worlds and I was in heaven considering it was 75 degrees on the first weekend of October and I was playing volleyball on the beach and having a few drinks (you’re allowed to drink on the beach here).

The locals really enjoyed watching us play volleyball for some reason, they were taking pictures and gathered around the entire time we were playing.

If you look close, you can even see land in the distance, which is actually an island belonging to Japan. I wonder if Busan politicians making Palin’ish claims of having foreign policy experience because they can see it.

Moving on….

The beach was spectacular during the day and it was beautiful at night as well.

We were going to stay and have a beach party/bonfire ala Karate Kid, but we decided to go out and have fun. What would a weekend road trip be without some debauchery?

Busan was fantastic, I know where I’ll be returning to quite often next summer.