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Nov 30, 2009

Funny Signs: Part 1

Surprisingly they don't sell bras

My favorite so far I think

The former name of my city's basketball team. Now
they are just the "Elephants," guess they realized
it wasn't very poltically correct, or spelled correctly.

53% off sale? Really? 53%? The new one says
55%, maybe it was Black Friday?

A weird thing to be selling in a smoothie store


Pretty sure there's not finely sliced apples on it

Wow. This would DEFINITELY cause
controversy in the U.S. for the stereotype


Tanks crossing, must be under 43.2 tons

Kstablished? Leagub?
Very VERY Important People?


I have not been there on a Saturday.....Yet......

Nothing incorrect here, but I still laughed.


Anonymous said...

Hi =)
My prof gave me an assignment to write a blog review that is written by a foreigner living in Korea. I randomly picked yours and finished doing my hw. =D thx
i think your blog is fantastic, it was very interesting reading ur posts and seeing ur photos (especially about ur students). it seems like you like Korea lol.
Im leaving a comment to thank you.
hope you enjoy ur life in Korea =D

Ben Gwynne said...

that's a very interesting assignment, please feel free to email me if you have any questions


Although my last two posts weren't the most thought provoking I hope you at least read some of the others which maybe provided more insight into the country. Again, feel free to email, always glad to promote the culture of a place I love

Anonymous said...

haha, good stuff