I Live In Korea

My name is Ben Gwynne. I USED to teach English in Incheon, South Korea. Here's some photos, stories, videos, etc.

The following are journal entries from my kids that I have to read. When you combine the curiosity of the youth and translating those thoughts into another language you get great results...In no way, shape, or form am I making fun of the kids English, I sure as hell didn’t know any foreign languages when I was 11 or 12 years old, I’m simply pointing out funny things I’ve read from them that's all. The following are all direct quotes...

On Christmas

“Christmas is a big holibay!!!! Santa is coming and we gives us gifts!!!! We eat a delicious food and fun play. I like white Christmas, it’s romantic! Cold and windy, but mind is warm day.” “Christmas is very fun because don’t go school and Santa gives presents. Hum, I like Santa…Santa is old, but he never dies. He looks like a phoenix. He can fly and do magic. Wow, he is very good!”

“Christmas is born Jesus day. I like Christmas because Christmas is so happy and wonderful.
Many people go traveling Christmas but I don’t go traveling because I have to go to church. Sometimes church is very annoyed. I heard that kiddo.

“Christmas is good to every body because many pepole give presnts for us. But some people are not happy so they don’t give us presents. Many children believe brought to Santa, but Santa didn’t give to children, LOL, your parents give.”

“I hate Christmas! I don’t want Christmas! I don’t have boyfriend!!! In case I have a boyfriend I wait Christmas. Me make a boyfriend for Christmas please Santa. Who banter?!?!?!? I so hate Christmas!!!”

“I want to girlfriend. I want to with a girlfriend for Christmas present but I don’t like girl people or I don’t popular. I want to be very handsome. I always lonely on Christmas so I want to with girlfriend on Christmas.”
This is an incredibly sad post. I gave the kid dating advice and boosted his confidence in my feedback in his journal. I also told the Korean teacher to set him up with the girl above.

On The Afterlife…

“A lot of people talk the ‘world after death’ and I speak and think talk the world after death too. People speaks and think the most is heaven and a hell. I believe god and his disciple but I don’t believe heaven and a hell. I think existence of the world just death people’s world and then death peoples are living same the non world. My think is continued, I don’t think ‘the world after death.’”

“When I am weary of having nothing to do I often think about the world after death. The world after death is the same as sleep. After death we can’t see, think, hear, feel and talk. But after sleep we can get up on the contrary after death we can’t get up. Sometimes I think after death we can come into being again. But people can’t remember the before life. If I am born again I want live happy life like now. Everyone don’t know the world after death, only after death we can know.”

WOAH, broken English or not, that was DEEEEEEEEEEEEP

“I believe the world after death. I believe in the kingdom of heaven and hell because I believe Jesus and God. I hope go Heaven. If I go the world after death I hope I meet Jesus and God. Heaven is not need money and work, that’s automatic action makes the feed, money, clothes, tv and games. I hope go heaven and meet my father and mother and sister live in very fun.”

“I believe the world after death and I think exist the kingdom of Heaven. The kingdom of Heaven is peace, there is go to the kind people but bad people not come in the kingdom of Heaven bad people go in Hades. Hades is scared. I don’t want there and I believe an angel. An angel is beautiful but I don’t believe a devil. A devil is very scared. Do you like the kingdom of Heaven? Where do you want to go?”

“The world after death is difficult for me. It’s very difficult and important but I think it’s nothing because maybe I will die some day. Maybe. Where will I live? Heaven? Hell? I think I live in heaven. Hell isn’t for me. Heaven has angels, hell has devils, but I think I will not die because today science technology development miraculous. Then I will not die. Ben teacher how do your think about the world after death?”

Volume I


Roselle said...

I find this post interesting, no pun intended but kids are quite hilarious,ive read it twice just to absurd what theyre trying to say. at least they're trying to say it in english..haha.its me again ben. roselle

Roselle said...

i meant absorb not absurd..sorry, my bad.hehe.hope you dont mind me posting comments here, ive just started engrossing myself over korea's culture through your blog, of course. Anyway im planning to visit korea by mid-year.that if korea embassy will issue me tourist visa.crossed finger.

Ben Gwynne said...

Roselle, lol, post as much as you'd like!! always good to see that someone is reading and wants to reply..

hope you get your visa? where are you from?

Roselle said...

Im from philippines.It usually takes a bit longer for us to get a tourist visa but they'll release it eventually.lol.

No kidding but as you've notice i always visit your blog to see if you posted new.

Ben Gwynne said...

GOod luck.

Well, next week I'll start to have 2-3 updates a week. So check back Monday night and there should be something there. Promise.

Roselle said...

alright..ill be looking forward..and oh i comment on your handsome scale. :-).peace.

Anonymous said...

Well, they do say sleep is the cousin of death... very philosophical indeed. Does that child excel in areas other than English? Because it is quite out of the ordinary and exceptional that somebody of that age would be able to think of a concept like death that way at that young age

Anonymous said...

Yes, the student happened to be very smart all around.