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Jul 20, 2010

COEX Aquarium

I love zoos and aquariums. Love em. You throw me at a zoo and I can stand and watch the monkeys in action all day. Same goes for penguins and seals at aquariums. I heard great things about the COEX Aquarium here so I decided to give it a go, and it didn’t disappoint.

Right upon entering, you’re going to notice a different setup than any aquarium you’ve been to before. They have a whole section showing foreign species of an animal right next to the domestic kind. Pretty cool seeing what the frogs, crabs, etc. look like here compared to what I’m used to seeing in the US.
Japanese Spider Crab

The use of space is also amazing here. The use of modern devices as fish tanks was very unique and nothing I’d ever seen before.

Other nice features such as a huge tank you can walk underneath make it nice too.

An Amazon themed area make you feel like you're in a jungle and has some other animals you wouldn't normally expect to see at an aquarium.

Also some pretty funny signs...

Here's some random pictures of animals there...

Video of a shark, Dr. Fish, and a little show some scuba divers put on who go into a huge tank to swim with the fishes and turtles.

I highly recommend this aquarium if you are in or visiting Seoul. There's also an aquarium in the 63 Building, but it sucks. Don't go to it.

The COEX Aquarium is inside the COEX mall which is at Samseong Station, Subway line 2 (green line).


amor fati said...

last weekend i went to aquarium in coex. when did you go there? my favorite buddies at coex are seals... they are really lazy and cute :)

Ben Gwynne said...

I've been to the COEX like 8 times, but only to the aquarium once, back in March I think. I loved it and I want to go again!

amor fati said...

after seeing that, i really wanted to go to TODAI at coex for my dinner. i know i am a cruel korean. My friend stopped me going there, fortunately. so i could keep my beatiful fish memories. :P

Before the summer is gone, lets hang out. :)

Ben Gwynne said...

Shoot me an email amor...my address is at the top of my blog